Tax dollars in action

tax dollars I found your recent article, "Wastewater line to run from Bothell to Woodinville" (Mar. 4), surprising.
   I was surprised by the lack of further information in regard to this proposed "public art;" information such as how much the county has or will pay artist Norie Sato to give "more animation" to the pump station project.
   Surely there's a good story here, at least a satirical one about how a county that must lay off police officers finds money to turn a sewer pumping station into a work of art.
   Or simply report all the facts. Who authorized the expense? What exactly will we pay?
   Oh, well. When I ponder my property tax that has doubled in the last eight years, I always say, "I just wish I knew what they did with all the money."
   Now I can look forward to seeing my tax dollars in action. I just hope it's the "Flow/Glow" tower that gets brighter when more wastewater flows through!

Paul LaPonte, Woodinville