Narrow agendas alienate electorate

alienated electorate The following is a statement by the Republican Mainstream Committee submitted by Mark Gardner, Chairman, Mainstream Republicans of Washington:
   The Republican Mainstream Committee was founded to encourage grassroots political activism by those who believe in the party's traditional principles of economic growth and individual freedom.
   We believe that Republicans should be the party of fiscal common sense and economic opportunity; of less expensive less intrusive government; of individual rights and responsibilities; of environmental protection and quality public education; of free trade and international leadership.
   We believe also that our party's electoral successes have resulted from its ability to build broad voter coalitions around these principles, which most Republicans, and many Independents and Democrats share.
   In this regard, an ongoing campaign by Pat Buchanan would have the effect of undermining the Republican Party's efforts to serve the American people. The challenge now facing Republicans and our presidential nominee is to regain the White House and retain the Congress by expanding our appeal to moderate and independent voters, particularly women.
   Should Pat Buchanan persist in efforts to apply unreasonable litmus tests to the selection of a vice-presidential nominee or to dictate the party's platform, Republicans must avoid the mistakes and pitfalls that have led Democrats to defeat in three of the past four presidential contests.
   Any political party which appears to be motivated by mean-spiritedness, dominated by single-issue activists, and guided by narrow agendas will alienate an increasingly-restive and frustrated electorate.

Ken Ruberg, Executive Director, the Republican Mainstream Committee