Oscar Roloff: Yukio Ozaki article elicits response

Recruiter magazine

On the front cover of the magazine I used to edit in Washington, D.C., I used the scene you'll see each May, courtesy of Yukiko Ozaki, the cherry tree giver.
Photo courtesy of Oscar Roloff.

Oscar Roloff by Oscar Roloff
Not long ago, I wrote an article with a photo that appeared in the Woodinville Weekly, telling the story of the now-deceased venerable Yukio Ozaki when he was mayor of Tokyo, Japan.
   In appreciation of our country's intervention in the Russo-Japanese War, he gave us the beautiful scene visitors see each May in Washington, D.C., when "his" gift of cherry trees blossom out in full beauty.

   Shortly after the article appeared, I received a nice letter from Makiko Hara of Venice, Ca., commending me on the article, saying a local reader had sent it to her.
   She wrote: "I would like to share with the writer the tremendous joy I felt about my great-grandfather.
   "Not knowing him personally, I heard a lot about him, his vision, and accomplishments through my grandmother, Yukika (Ozaki's daughter), and my mother, Fujiko.
   "I am sincerely touched by your gesture to write about him. My mother is translating the biography of Ozaki into English and I'll give you a copy of the book when it is published."
   How nice! What I'd like to do is to find out the name of the local reader who sent my article to Makiko and give that person a photo of Yukio, whom I used to visit at his home, where I'd glean much history from him. He was then in his early 90s. I think the reader lives in the Duvall area.
   It's things like this that make my writing an enjoyable journey through the history of life.