Grocery expert reveals secrets

George T. Jacobson

George T. Jacobson, author of new grocery store "tell-all."
Photo by Karen Diefendorf/Woodinville Weekly.

secrets revealed by Karen Diefendorf
Last week, Duvall viewers of the talk show Donohue saw a familiar face, if not a familiar name, onstage. Using the pen name George T. Jacobson, the Duvall resident was taking part in a discussion on the rights and responsibilities of consumers.
   Jacobson, the author of 50 Secrets Your Grocer Doesn't Want You To Know, was invited to New York to tape the nationally-syndicated show in late January.
   He described the whole adventure as first class. The show provided air fare, hotel accommodations, and a car. "Donohue was very nice and approachable," Jacobson said.
   The author explained that before the show, the panel was not given specific questions, but they did receive a general overview of what information would be covered.
   Jacobson's book is the realization of a dream he has had for a long time. The 84-page publication is an insider's guide to stretching your grocery shopping dollars. His tips are a result of the 30 years he has spent in the grocery retail industry, beginning with bagging groceries and rising to the corporate level in a nationwide retail company.
   Three important money-saving suggestions from the book:

   Jacobson is not the only author in his house. Wife Jennifer has somehow found the time while raising five children to write her own book, A Parent's Guide for Raising Children Under 12.
   The $5.95 insider's guide to grocery shopping is available in or can be ordered by most book stores, or call Andante Publishing in Redmond to place a phone order, 1-800-773-3770; or fax to 206-820-1836.