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Sex offender residing in Bothell skips on curfew

arrest warrant An active warrant has been issued for the arrest of William Frank Earls (a.k.a. "Budd"), a convicted sex offender who recently moved to the area. Earls failed to return to his home before curfew on Saturday, Mar. 2.
   "We don't anticipate seeing him in this neighborhood," said Bothell police Capt. Bob Woolverton, who said Earls had not been seen or heard from since Mar. 2.
   Woolverton said the officers and the community are familiar with what Earls looks like, making this area one of the least likely places he will return to.
   "Our officers will recognize him and immediately arrest him," Woolverton said.
   Earls is a 37-year old Caucasian male with brown hair and brown eyes. He is 5 feet 11 inches tall and weighs 170 pounds. Police had posted about 300 flyers and visited homes and businesses within a five-block radius to alert the community of Earls' arrival in the area.
   Earls was recently released from Twin Rivers Correction Center in Monroe. He had refused to participate in deviancy treatment during two separate incarcerations. Based upon Earls' lack of treatment, denial of his deviancy, and repeated sexual assaults, he was considered a high risk for reoffense.