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County Council by Louise Miller, Vice Chair, Council 3 Representative
The "Saga of the Seahawks" continues. We are still preparing our own court case and many noted lawyers and legal scholars from around the country believe we can win.
   Our best option is to purchase the team using a local owner or team of local owners. At this time, Ken Behring still says the team is not for sale, but a meeting in California with King County Executive Locke and Councilmember Peter von Reichbauer on Mar. 7 indicates a possibility that the team may soon be for sale.
   The council will probably have acted on two important ordinances by the time you read this article.
   The first will be a permanent plan for Courthouse security at the main building and in all of the District Court buildings. The second will be the response to the Puget Sound Growth Hearings Board rulings on the sections of our comprehensive plan that were appealed.
   If you wish to have any information about these two ordinances, call our office at 286-1003.