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police beat by Richard Matros
On Feb. 25, near the 19800 block of 183rd Place NE, a resident noticed several traffic signs in his neighborhood had been spray painted. It wasn't until Mar. 1 that he found his camper had fallen victim to the same vandalism spree. The camper, which was parked at the side of his house, was adorned with profanity and a symbol of unknown meaning. The victim feels the vandalism was a random act of mischief and not gang-related.
   On Feb. 29, a Bothell resident reported that her car was broken into at the Woodinville Park & Ride. Upon returning to her car, she found the lock punched, a window broken, and the glove box emptied. The CD player, CDs, and numerous personal items were missing. A screwdriver which did not belong to her was left on the seat.
   On Mar. 2, near the 18500 block of 189th NE, a resident reported that two rabbits had been taken out of their pen. One was found mutilated, the other is still missing. The victim is convinced that this was not the result of another animal. Police said that since the victim waited a week before reporting the incident, the alleged mutilation was unable to be confirmed.