Woodinville science team headed for D.C.

science team

Woodinville Science Bowl team members (left to right) front row: Paul Stephano, Eric Fjellanger, Rickey Boyes; back row: Matt Brobak, Kathy Collins, Brian Snydsman.
Photo courtesy of Department of Energy, Bonneville Power Administration.

Science Bowl Four seniors, one junior, plus science teacher Larry Gulberg of Woodinville High School, are looking forward to the first of May, when they can pack their bags and board a plane for Washington, D.C. to take part in the Bonneville Power Administration National Science Bowl.
   The group qualified for the national competition by winning first place among the 64 teams at the B.P.A.'s Regional High School Science Bowl Feb. 24 in Portland, Oregon. Because Gulberg could not make that trip, Kathy Collins, parent of past science bowl competitors, served as chaperone.
   Brian Snydsman, senior, was excited following the team's victory over North Medford. He reported making no special preparation for the contest, but credits the science classes he had.
   For Matt Brobak, the only junior on the team, the win "didn't really sink in until we were in the car for the ride back home."
   Ricky Boyes had a more positive reaction: "I knew we were going to do it."
   All three listed the Smithsonian and other museums as places they wanted to visit while in the nation's capital. And, of course, they planned on doing some studying and preparation for the national competition.
   Coach Gulberg named team member Paul Stephano tournament M.V.P. for earning the most points in the event.