Bear Creek students score at science meet

strong bridge

Laura Kope demonstrates the strength of her bridge by standing on it with the help of teacher Chuck Ross. Her weight, 45 pounds, was somewhat less than the bridge was capable of holding
Photo by Karen Diefendorf/Woodinville Weekly.

science meet by Karen Diefendorf
Bear Creek students both past and present were among the big winners at the Science and Engineering Contest Feb. 24 in Renton. Students from the school scored in four events: Bio-Mass, Lifting Device, Mousetrap Cars, and Toothpick Bridges.
   Greg Osborn, 11-year-old sixth grader, propelled his car with the spring of a mousetrap 230 feet nine inches to capture first place in that event. Allison Dawe, also in the sixth grade, won second place by propelling her wheeled vehicle 215 feet, seven inches.
   In the BioMass competition, 4th grader Ben Ytreeide grew a zucchini plant that weighed in at 607 grams to win first.
   Rachel Kope, a 9-year-old fourth grader, proudly displayed her three medals. She placed first in Mousetrap Cars and Lifting Device and second in her age group for BioMass.
   Laura Kope, a fifth-grader, entered the Toothpick Bridge category and created a triangular bridge that supported one ton without collapsing. In fact, her bridge was stronger than all other bridges at the contest, including all grades K-12. The judges did not have enough pressure to collapse her bridge.
   Other Bear Creek winners were Joey Franzese, Bryanna Stotler, Lorie DeFoor, Kiki Pierson, Alyce Foshee, Colin Michael, Kristina Draper, David Fraser, and Kevin Michael.
   Former Bear Creek students who were also winners included April Thompson, Susie LeVasseur and Willie LeVasseur, all of Leota Junior High School, and Cami Jones of Woodinville High School.