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The American Legion celebrates 77 years

American Legion by Daniel A. Ludwig, National Commander, The American Legion
A sense of service and uncompromising dedication to the undergirding principles of our great nation characterize The American Legion.

Children's World shares parenting tips for Single Parent Day

Single Parent Day by Children's World Learning Centers
To mark National Single Parent Day on Mar. 21, Children's World Learning Centers, which has a facility in Woodinville, has developed some suggestions to help parents turn everyday activities into family time.

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County Councilmembers have no problem reversing inconvenient laws

County Council King County Council members Vance, Hague, Sullivan, Pullen, von Reichbauer, Gossett, Phillips, Sims, and the new guy, McKenna, on Monday, March 11, took one more step against the citizens of the Bear Creek community.

Neighbors feel deep pride in Woodinville fire department

pride felt On February 8, we experienced a rapid onslaught of water due to a backup in our retention pond during excessive rain. We alerted King County flood control and stood back in frustration to watch the water rise.

Preserved natural areas important part of urban-rural balance

urban-rural balance I was interested to read Maxine Keesling's opposition letter to the recent Cougar Mountain park land acquisition by King County.

Recreation needs of people have been ignored for too long

recreation needs People should turn out in droves for King County's public meetings to determine uses of proposed new funding for parks and open space. I infer that officials have already determined our needs, but minds can be changed with sufficient turnout.