County Councilmembers have no problem reversing inconvenient laws

County Council King County Council members Vance, Hague, Sullivan, Pullen, von Reichbauer, Gossett, Phillips, Sims, and the new guy, McKenna, on Monday, March 11, took one more step against the citizens of the Bear Creek community.
   Acting on new ordinances by Executive Gary Locke, they reversed policies established in the 1994 King County Comprehensive Plan with ease. These changes will attempt to save two developments slated for east of Redmond that will be sure to help fill their election year coffers.
   Two ordinances to revise the classification of Blakely Ridge and Northridge from Urban Planned Developments to a Fully Contained Community were passed despite their complete contradiction to existing law and the opposition of the public. In fact, these ordinances make exceptions in the Comp Plan for these, and only these, unwanted and unneeded urban developments.
   The 1994 Comp Plan specifically forbids FCC's, because back then in '94, the council knew that containment of development such as these in King County was impossible.
   No, nothing has changed since then, except that the state now says these UPDs violate the law. The change to FCC status is an attempt to get around the state's Growth Management Act by changing the name of these projects while ignoring the consequences of the classification.
   If anyone really doesn't understand just how special interests are running the show in King County, and how easily the King County Council will sacrifice its citizens' lifestyles for them, look no further.
   Be wary of the names of these council members, because they have no problem reversing laws if they become inconvenient.

Michael Costello, Redmond