Neighbors feel deep pride in Woodinville fire department

pride felt The following letter was sent to the Woodinville Fire Commissioners, who forwarded a copy to the editor for publication:
On February 8, we experienced a rapid onslaught of water due to a backup in our retention pond during excessive rain. We alerted King County flood control and stood back in frustration to watch the water rise over our lawns, into our crawl spaces, and into our garages. Some of us now understand the true meaning of a "sunken living room!"
   Thanks to the attention and personal assessment by Woodinville Fire and Life Safety Chief Jim Davis, we received much needed assistance from Lieutenant Tim Bollinger and Firefighter Ross Van Vactor. They set up pumps, dug out drains, helped us fill sandbags, and offered us encouragement with a smile for an entire day, and even returned on their next shift to check on our situation.
   We can't imagine how much worse the damage would have been if these dedicated men had not been ready and willing to help.
   We offer our sincere thanks and feel deep pride in our Woodinville Fire Department.

Amy Snyder and the neighbors of White Oaks