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Special Spring Home & Garden Section

Home and garden improvement suggestions and advice are provided by knowledgeable experts and professionals. With this section, be inspired--evaluate--proceed!

Is your home physically fit?

physically fit home Keeping your home physically fit requires more than a cursory look and the completion of a few weekend projects.

Design with self-adhesive borders

self-adhesive borders Wallcovering borders are amazing. List almost any decorating problem and watch the change that comes with the addition of the quick and inexpensive bordering.

Protecting your house from mildew

mildew protection Mildews, or molds, are fungi, which live abundantly in the soil. Like all fungi, they propagate by microscopic spores which float through the air, and after landing on a hospitable surface, germinate.

Shut out unwanted noise in your home with easy steps

unwanted noise With all the hustle and bustle in today's life, a quiet atmosphere at home has become a necessity for many people. And as more people work out of their homes, a quiet environment becomes even more important.

Doors, doors, doors

doors Replacing or painting the doors in your home can change the entire appearance of your home and, with the addition the solid or panelled doors, even improve the energy efficiency.

Clearing the air in your kitchen

kitchen air Cooking generates more than a good meal: grease, smoke, odors, and moisture are also by-products of the process. In fact, more than 20 pounds of vaporized grease alone is thrown into the air each year just through normal household cooking.

Residential remodeling: who's on first?

residential remodeling As we meet with prospective remodeling clients, we find most have had either one or more unpleasant experiences with so-called "contractors" or simply are confused as to how to proceed.

Floor coverings

floor coverings Homeowners can choose from a wide range of floor coverings. Carpets, vinyls, hardwood, and ceramic tile are all popular in today's homes.

The comeback of a romantic classic

garden trellis A few thousand years ago, while the men of their clan were off hunting mastodons, some women decided to try to grow desirable fruits close to their caves...

Screened patios are easy

screened patios You can turn your patio, carport, or breezeway into a cool summer room with the simple addition of screening. Common hand tools and materials make the job easy and affordable for do-it-yourselfers.

Get your garden off to a good start

garden starts It's easy to get your garden off to a good start if you've got a good plan. Just follow these five steps and you'll be harvesting home-grown delicacies in no time!