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County GOP releases straw poll results

straw poll The King County Republicans released their straw poll results last week, with Bob Dole taking 37 percent in King County; Steve Forbes, 28 percent; Pat Buchanan, 24 percent; Alan Keyes, eight percent; Lamar Alexander, two percent, and Richard Lugar one percent.
   Statewide, Dole pulled in 36 percent; Buchanan, 28 percent; Forbes, 22 percent; Keyes, eight percent; Alexander, two percent; and three percent undecided.
   Reed Davis, chair of the King County Republican party, cautioned that the straw poll results may not correlate with delegate counts.
   In the gubernatorial straw poll, Norm Maleng and Ellen Craswell tied for first with 26 percent; Linda Smith with 20 percent; Pam Roach with 11 percent; Nona Brazier with seven percent; Dale Foreman, six percent; and Jim Waldo, four percent.
   Davis said 12,000 attended the caucuses in King County.