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Historical Society awarded heritage grant

heritage grant The Woodinville Historical Society has received a grant of $2,250 from the King County Landmarks and Heritage Commission. The Special Projects Grant will enable the WHS to publish a local historical tour guide available to the public.
   The application was written by past president Tonya St. Berg. "I'd never written a grant before," St. Berg said, but added that she enjoys writing reports and loves a challenge. The society had not written a grant for 10 years and there weren't any of the WHS past grants to use as guidelines, she noted.
   The project consists of a two-color, tri-fold tour guide to include a map of the Woodinville area locating significant historical sites with brief descriptions and linked with some local photographs from the WHS archives.
   Applications go through a jury panel, then the Arts Commission and Landmarks and Heritage Commission review. Lastly, the commission sends the recommended proposals to the County Executive, who transmits them to the County Council for final approval and appropriation of funding.
   The WHS volunteers who compiled the historical descriptions included Gladys Berry, Suzi Freeman, John Halver, Helen McMahon, Tonya St. Berg, and Rose Weiss.
   Funding for the program came from Hotel/Motel tax revenue program, with 80% (approximately $205,000) to be awarded to arts projects and no less that 20% (roughly $51,300) awarded to heritage projects. The anticipated projected funding, comparing the previous year's allocations, range from $1,000 to $15,000. For further information, contact WHS president Gladys Berry, 483-8270.