Forum to discuss pros and cons of charter schools

charter schools The Northshore Legislative Coalition is sponsoring an educational forum to discuss the pros and cons of charter school Initiatives 173 and 177 which will be sent to the voters in November. The forum will be held Mar. 20 at 7 p.m. at the Ricketts Building, Room 22, 18315 Bothell Way NE, Bothell.
   Speaking for Initiative 173 will be Eric Morrison, a representative from Dr. Ron Taber's camp, sponsor of 173. Speaking for Initiative 177 will be Mark Johnson, a representative from the Jim Spady-sponsored 177.
   Two representatives from The League of Women Voters of Seattle, including Liz Pierini, are expected to speak against the initiatives. The League has voiced its opposition to the initiatives.
   Jim Sawatzi, a teacher from Bethel High School, is also expected to speak in favor of charter schools, though not necessarily in favor of the two initiatives. A film produced by the Washington Education Association will also be shown.
   Supporters for I-173 include Ron Taber and Parents and Taxpayers for School Choice. Supporting I-177 are Jim and Fawn Spady and the Education Excellence Coalition, John Carlson, Bruce Chapman, Paul Kraabel, Dave Ross, Kirby Wilbur, and Howard Wright.
   Opposition to the initiatives includes the Washington Education Association, the state teachers union, the Washington State PTA, the Seattle Education Association, and the League of Women Voters.