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Disaster Preparedness Month kicks off with 'Drop, Cover, and Hold Drill'

Disaster Preparedness Month A statewide earthquake "Drop, Cover, and Hold Drill" on Thursday, April 4 will serve as the lead-off event for this year's Disaster Preparedness Month.

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Outrageous park cost

park cost I am shocked and angered that the Woodinville Heights Neighborhood Park has escalated to the cost of about $83,000, according to an article in the March 11th issue of the Woodinville Weekly.

Land use ordinance deemed outrageous

land use ordinance "Outrageous" is the only way to describe the way King County has put together the county's newest major land use ordinance (Ordinance 96-112; 92 pages).

Hold praise until actual figures in

withhold praise Praise for County Executive Gary Locke's "lower cost" water runoff controls should be withheld until we see actual cost figures and actual performance data.

Youth programs are available

youth programs In the wake of the recent tragic shooting incident that took a young man's life, it is good to see people talking, looking at what is available in the Valley for young people, and sharing ideas.

Parent meeting helpful

parent meeting I would like to say a word of appreciation to the Riverview School parents for the community meeting.

Duvall Shooting Death

shooting death A recent letter writer has claimed that the shooting death of a Duvall area teenager is not his fault in any way, but rather the fault of society at large for not providing this person with more interesting activities at 3 a.m. on a school night.