Outrageous park cost

park cost I am shocked and angered that the Woodinville Heights Neighborhood Park has escalated to the cost of about $83,000, according to an article in the March 11th issue of the Woodinville Weekly.
   I attended planning meetings about the Woodinville Heights Neighborhood Park, and along with my neighbors, voiced our concerns about certain aspects of it, such as its cost, design, children's safety, and adjacent home owners' privacy. Unfortunately, I feel that the city council disregarded our concerns, and what started out as a "little" neighborhood park, with neighbors pitching in, has completely gotten out of hand.
   Who authorized such outrageous spending, and who is paying for this? If this is costing $83,000, I shudder to think how much money the city plans on pouring into other park projects. Will the $14.54 million projected cost for the Woodinville Civic Center, as reported in the March-April edition of the "City Chronicle," balloon to about twice this amount before all is said and done?
   Parks are needed within our community to keep with the city's "country living" image, but these grandiose spending plans are just another example of government waste. The city of Woodinville can become quite unique by just showing some restraint when it comes to spending.

Norma Theiler, Woodinville Heights