Land use ordinance deemed outrageous

land use ordinance "Outrageous" is the only way to describe the way King County has put together the county's newest major land use ordinance (Ordinance 96-112; 92 pages).
   How can the council, in good conscience, and as representatives of all the people in King County, buy into a major land use ordinance that was written by a "working group" made up of: "four land-use attorneys who represent developers," "the lobbyist for the King County Master Builders," "a past president of that organization," "county development staffers," and the appointment of "environmental lawyer Rod Brown" who "made it clear at the outset that he couldn't attend any meetings." (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, March 18, 1996, Section B.)
   Any reasonable person can figure out that a land use ordinance written by this group would give full benefit of process to their coompatriots and employers in land development and squeeze out every possible benefit of process to the neighborhoods and communities of King County.
   The King County Council should let the March 31, 1996, deadline pass; if necessary, let a penalty be imposed; and have the ordinance written in an honorable way.
   Note to Louise Miller: Louise, given your laudable history of efforts to preserve the quality of life in Woodinville and your dedication to fairness to neighborhood and community groups, you can't possibly vote for an ordinance written by this "working group!" I hope the crucible of partisan politics hasn't changed your basic principles and beliefs.

Rosemary Zeutschel, Woodinville