Duvall Shooting Death

shooting death A recent letter writer has claimed that the shooting death of a Duvall area teenager is not his fault in any way, but rather the fault of society at large for not providing this person with more interesting activities at 3 a.m. on a school night than ransacking a house, drinking heavily, and playing with firearms.
   I don't mean to minimize the impact of this person's death on his family and friends, but I hardly see how our "society" is to blame for his death. This case is not an issue of a teenager being bored on a summer afternoon. Rather, it's a case of an unguided youngster allowed to "party" until all hours, engaging in various forms of illegal activity until, regrettably, the evening ended in his death.
   The guidance and mentoring of young people is not the responsibility of "society". Rather, it's the responsibility of the family, and the extended family. Schools and community organizations should serve as a re-affirmation of the lessons learned at home. If a young person is taught at home that anti-social behavior is acceptable, no amount of intervention or government spending is going to overcome that learned behavior.
   The ills of "society" have always been around, regardless of the generation. While government mandated cures have increased over the past 30 years, the teaching of values and morals at home have correspondingly decreased. This is not a zero-sum gain, because the lessons learned at home are more lasting and effective than government funded activities at 3 a.m. on a school night.
   Meanwhile, the killer of this young man will most likely be slapped on the wrist for carrying an Uzi, and certainly have his record sealed after he turns 21. How nice for "society".

Kirt Mackintosh, Duvall