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Two in custody after chase

car chase by Jeff Switzer
A 25-year-old Mountlake Terrace man and a 17-year-old Seattle male are in custody following a chase that began in downtown Woodinville and ended with an empty moving vehicle on Main Street in Bothell.
   A Woodinville Community Police unit spotted a vehicle matching the description of a stolen vehicle just after noon on Mar. 18 driving northbound on 140th Avenue NE towards NE 175th St. The officer followed the white Land Cruiser as it tried to make a left turn onto NE 175th Street.
   The car's license plates matched those of the stolen vehicle. The occupants of the car were four young Asian males. The officer then called for backup and followed the Land Cruiser along NE 175th Street to the SR-522 on-ramp, where the officers tried to initiate a stop. The vehicle swerved in traffic twice, almost colliding with the first patrol car, then accelerated up to 65 MPH, swerving onto the I-405 on-ramp, then back to SR-522 across dirt and grass.
   The Land Cruiser slowed down, but continued into downtown Bothell while officers called ahead for additional assistance. The car turned right up Kaysner Way and turned left onto Main Street without stopping, proceeding down the center of Main Street during lunchtime traffic with the two patrol cars following.
   When other police units arrived, the four males abandoned the vehicle, leaving it rolling slowly down Main Street. It jumped onto the north sidewalk, banking off of a cement wall and running over a stop sign and a street sign. It finally stopped only after hitting a light pole.
   The two officers found one suspect hiding behind a parked car. A short time later, an employee from a Main Street cafe reported that a nervous and out of breath young Asian male had just entered the cafe carrying a goldfish bag. Officers entered the cafe, where they recognized the man as one of the suspects. He was sitting in a booth in such a nervous state, his legs were visibly shaking. He was taken into custody.
   Within 15 minutes, a K-9 unit was on the scene, but the other two suspects could not be located. Police found stolen property in connection with a Redmond burglary inside the stolen vehicle. It is unknown whether charges have been filed.