Jumping rope for a healthy heart

rope jumpers

Left to right: Allison Martin, Anna Jenkins, a Skiperior member, Brittany Collier, Erin Mackintosh, and Amanda Ball.
Photo by Melissa Leonhardt.

jumping rope Students from Northshore Junior High joined more than 30,000 others across Washington state in not only helping to improve their own heart health, but in raising money to benefit the American Heart Society.
   The physical education students of Milissa Leonhardt and Sandy Griego all took part in the "Jump Rope for Heart" program which encourages children to be physically active. It also offered many children the opportunity to do something to help relatives or friends touched by heart disease.
   Forty-four of the participants worked to earn pledges that have totaled $2,051, topping last year's amount. Top money-raiser was Bassy Chowdhurey.
   To get her classes excited about the project, Leonhardt arranged for the Skiperiors, an Eastside rope jumping team, to perform at the school. Following that spirited presentation, the Northshore students spent three days jumping rope to benefit heart disease victims and themselves.