Science van comes to Eastridge

Torso Man

Jessie Leib gets acquainted with Torso Man.
Photo by Karen Diefendorf/Woodnville Weekly.

science van Students at Eastridge Elementary got a chance to see up close what's inside the human body at an exhibit supplied by the Pacific Science Center when the Blood and Guts van came to the school Mar. 19 bringing 25 hands-on exhibits. The event was sponsored and staffed by Eastridge PTA members.
   The visit began with an assembly in the morning featuring teachers dressed as various body organs. Later, the science teachers gave presentations for individual classes on specific body parts.
   Eastridge students enjoyed actually touching and dismantling the skeleton and removing and replacing the internal organs of Internalla and Torso Man. A brain exhibited what parts of the brain control various functions, and the children had a chance to see what a real x-ray looks like. Other exhibits provided sensory and balance tests for the children.