Derdowski as public's defender?

public's defender Don't be fooled by the smoke screen being erected by Council Chair Jane Hague against Brian Derdowski of the 12th district. The regulatory reform ordinances before the county, spawned in Chris Vance's Growth Management Committee, written by land-use attorneys without any public input, hand King County to the pro-growth development community and cut the public out of the process.
   Using a new state law, HB 1724, pro-developer Councilmember Chris Vance has rewritten the King County permitting process to fit it into 120 days as required, but has done it by completely overhauling the process and taking the public out of it. Pro-growth supporters wrote it while the public was completely excluded. He is trying to hand King County to his developer supporters.
   Brian Derdowski, the lone member of the King County Council who still supports citizen's concerns about growth, is fighting to defend the public's right to protect their community from developers, who have the loyalty of an incredible number of King County and Washington State elected officials. His attempts to inform the public of this takeover by developers has thwarted Jane Hague's heavy-handed attempts to keep the public out of the process, and pass this awful law before the public can react.
   Brian is fighting for King County citizens alone. If this attack by Hague is not simply political in nature and a smoke screen, then why has Larry Phillips been spared the assault? His name appeared right next to Brian's on the meeting notices.

Michael Costello, Redmond