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Celebrate Woodinville '96

Sunshine and spirit add to a full day of fun

steam tractor

An antique steam-powered tractor led the Woodinville All Fools' Day Parade last Saturday. It took three hours to start and required some maneuvering to run the parade route. Owned and refurbished by Jim McAuliffe, Jim and his wife, Senator Rosemary McAuliffe, drove the route. The Case tractor is on display at the Hollywood Schoolhouse.

costumed bassets

Basset hounds in costume.

invisible dog

"Is there an invisible dog at the end of the clown's leash?" wonders this young parade-goer.
Photos by Jeff Switzer/Woodinville Weekly.

Celebrate Woodinville '96 by Jeff Switzer
One day each year, frivolity and zaniness descend upon the quiet City of Woodinville when basset hound lovers from all over the United States dress up their canines for their version of the prom. Thousands converged on downtown Woodinville last Saturday to witness the awe and spectacle of the 19th Annual All Fools' Day Parade and 13th Annual Basset Bash. With the opening of Little Leaque play, the Woodinville Farmer's Market, a children's fair, a teen dance, and the shopping centers' activities, Woodinville was bustling.
   "We lucked out again," said Deputy Mayor Don Brocha. "I think this is the fifth year in a row we've had partially sunny skies. I was really pleased with the turnout, especially when people hung around after the parade for the Farmers' Market."
   Trophies were awared for the parade entries. The prize for "Most Foolish" was a tie between the Cascade Clowns and the Woodinville City Council; the Grace Officials won "Best Mystical Town," and the Basset Brigade won "Grand Prize."
   The "Judge's Award" went to Las Margaritas, who had a full mariachi band, horses, and touring car; "Best Individual" went to the Little League and Lawrence Schuler, who will bear the Olympic torch for a kilometer of its journey to Atlanta; and "Best Drill Team" went to Overlake Hospital for their synchronized wheelchairs.
   Woodinville High school took "Best Band;" Northwest Performance Plus won "Best Float;" Northshore Gymnastics Center won "Best Children;" and Studio I took "Best Music."
   "Most Original" went to Ring Ridge Alpacas; "Best Business Award" went to Towne Bank; and "Best Horse" was a tie between Evergreen State Fair Skyriders and Hollywood Hill Saddle Club.
   Other marchers included scout troops; preschools; the Woodinville High Marching band, drill team, and cheerleaders; karate and dance groups; strollers in formation; and Lions and Kiwanis Clubs.
   "The best thing about this parade is it's for kids," said Mayor Bob Miller. "We need to keep it that way; we don't need a lot of politicians in this parade."
   More than 200 bassets competed for ribbons and dog food prizes. Precise Pet Products was the offical sponsor of the event. Each competition also had a sponsor.
   Denny's Pet World sponsored the King and Queen for 1996. King Horton (Madeline Bradford) and Queen Lilly (Carolyn Dunn) were crowned. Pacific Cabulance sponsored the Best Waddle, won by Bean (Brock Sturteuant). Woodinville Adult Day Care Center sponsored the Oldest, won by15-year-old Maggie (Tom Workman). The Best Howl was sponsored by the Woodinville Weekly and won by Charlie (Brent Larrean). The Longest Ears for male and female was sponsored by The Ark Pets & Supplies and tied by Basil (Steven Hendricks) and Willie (Silvie McGee) who both had 10 1/2 inches and Lou (Steve Smith) who had 8 7/8 inches.
   DeYoung Farm & Garden sponsored the Best Trick, won by Harry and Bozo, who sat, rolled over, and spoke at the same time (John Lovely). Windermere Real Estate sponsored the Longest Distance Travelled, won by Emma (Sandy Crome) from Kentucky. Armadillo Barbeque sponsored the Most Foolish Master, won by Romona Schwartz (Norman). Croozer Wonder Unit (Leon Berman) and Turbeau Louise (Karen Sorenson) won the Funniest Name, sponsored by Gary Greene Artworks. PETCO sponsored the Hot Dog Race, which was divided into four races: Puppy was won by Bently (Stasha Aitken); Adult was won by Mugsy (Micheslle Gronlund); Middle-age was won by Winnie Pooh (Leah Leihman); and Senior was won by Beauregard (Amy Franz). Evergreen Pet Supply & Pet Pros sponsored the Best Costume, won by Merlyn Reses dressed as a slug (Denise Stettler).

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