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Local News

Downtown businesses object to proposed grid roads

grid roads With NE 175th Street at 13 percent over capacity, intersections operating at service level "F," and injury accidents in the downtown, the City of Woodinville is taking the long look at what it can do to improve traffic flow and safety in the downtown.

Woodinville's DUI law changed, bike path co-funded

law changed The City Council approved (7-0) the change to the city's Driving Under the Influence standard as part of their consent agenda.

County says no to new nets at Redwood

proposal denied A King County zoning adjustor denied a proposal last month which would have allowed the Redwood Golf Driving Range to add more netting and new, taller poles to their site.

County to decide on Grace, Maltby

Grace & Maltby The rural designation of the Maltby Employment area, which includes the Township of Grace, must be changed by Sept. 6 either to an urban growth area (UGA) or some other designation consistant with the Growth Management Act (GMA).

FEMA invites public involvement

public involvement The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has issued a public notice providing the opportunity for public involvement in the decision-making process concerning FEMA's actions regarding floodplains or wetlands.

News from the Metro King County Council

County Council An exciting regional trails project will be coming to the Utilities and Natural Resources Committee for review in mid to late April 1996. The City of Woodinville and King County are working together to ultimately develop new trails.

Meeting looks for open space wishes

open space At a meeting Mar. 26, sponsored by the King County Open Space Citizens' Oversight Committee, community members had a chance to present their wishes for parks, recreation, open space, and natural resource protection for the bond issue to be voted on in September.