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News from the Metro King County Council

County Council by Louise Miller, Council Vice-Chair
An exciting regional trails project will be coming to the Utilities and Natural Resources Committee for review in mid to late April 1996.
   The City of Woodinville and King County are working together to ultimately develop new trails linking Ste. Michelle and Columbia Wineries and the Redhook Brewery to the Burker-Gilman Trail, constructing a new trail crossing the Sammamish River just north of the 145th Street bridge, and providing some much-needed linkages along the Tolt Pipeline.
   The Citizens Oversight Committee on Open Space voted in December, 1995 to recommend to the Metropolitan King County Council that money be reallocated from the Trails Contingency.
   If approved by the council, there will be county money available to construct a pedestrian and equestrian bridge linking the Tolt Pipeline at 155th Street; acquisition, design, and construction of a 600-foot right-of-way on the north side of NE 145th adjacent to the road for pedestrian and bicycle trail users; and design and construction of a bridge across the Sammamish River immediately north of State Route 202.
   Finally, a trail will be constructed from the Sammamish River on the north side of SR-202 to the Redhook Brewery, and will continue on to the Columbia Winery. A crossing will also be provided between the two wineries.
   This work is being done in conjunction with the City of Woodinville. The city has been approved for an ISTEA grant (federal transportation money) and will contribute these funds, along with their match, to the project. An interlocal agreement can be signed for design and construction management as soon as the project is approved by the County Council.
   For further information, please do not hesitate to contact my legislative aide, Paula Adams, at 296-0308, or Tom Eksten of the Department of Natural Resources at 296-7808.