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support advertisers This year we are celebrating 20 years of providing weekly news to our community. We remain committed to continuing that tradition for the next 20 years.
   We are also proud of our direct mail circulation and our distinction of being Washington state's first community newspapers on the Internet.
   Each week our staff looks forward to bringing you the latest news and features concerning our community. The number of pages in the Woodinville Weekly, the Northlake News, and the Valley View newspapers are determined by the amount of advertising sold for that week.
   As our community continues to grow and change, it is important for readers to continue to support our advertisers. The quality of life in our community is determined by the level of services and the success of our commercial core.
   Businesses contribute to school projects, social service programs, and much more. For businesses to advertise, they need your dollars, and they need to advertise and tell you why to spend your dollars with them.
   We are proud of the contribution that businesses make in our community. Get to know your merchants. Discover the unique shopping opportunities in our local towns. Use the many services available to you.
   You can support our paper and our ability to keep bringing you the news and features you want by shopping and using the services of our advertisers and encouraging others to advertise.