Save downtown core and a piece of Woodinville's heritage

downtown core As a citizen of Woodinville, I'm willing to spend $8 a month to protect an opportunity that will not happen again. Are you?
   Now is the time for Woodinville city voters to save the downtown core and a piece of heritage. At stake are 13.5 acres in the heart of the city. A $7.5-million bond issue, if approved by voters May 21, would secure this land for our future.
   The community would gain a 10.5-acre site which contains the Old Woodinville Schoolhouse, the Sorenson School complex located behind it and the numerous sports fields beside it. We would also acquire a three-acre parcel south of the Sorenson property which is necessary for more parking. These two purchases involve the Northshore School District and a private party.
   This acreage is prime development land and will not be available to the community again at this price ... if at all. The purchase would preserve a piece of Woodinville history. More importantly, the acquisition would launch a community center offering a wide variety of services and facilities for all ages, youth to seniors: Sports fields, swimming pool and gym, a historical museum and chamber of commerce in the old schoolhouse, rooms for group meetings, acreage for a future performing arts center, space for city administrative offices, a continued site for the Saturday Market, available link to the Jerry Wilmot Park, and additional parking to accommodate expanded site use.
   If voters approve the sale of $7.5 million in general obligation bonds, the process will cost a property owner 62 cents per $1,000 of assessed valuation, or $93 on a home assessed at $150,000. That's $7.75 a month.
   The amount seems a small amount to pay for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I hope you will join me in voting "yes" on May 21.

Corkey Christensen, Woodinville