Why no equestrian bridge across Sammamish River?

equestrian bridge My mistake. After reading the recent newsletter from the Hollywood Hill Saddle Club wherein equestrian crossings to get riders from the eastside trail to the coming westside trail were discussed, I reread the ordinance and discovered that Councilwoman Louise Miller's proposal did not include a bridge crossing of the Sammamish River where the Tolt Pipeline Trail crosses the river.
   Instead, the crossing in the ordinance calls for an equestrian bridge above 155th Street NE up on Hollywood Hill, but none to get the Tolt Pipeline Trail users across the river to the new westside trail. And while there is also a new bridge called for alongside the existing NE 145th Street bridge beyond the Hollywood Intersection toward the wineries, that bridge is allocated to pedestrians and bicycles only.
   King County has myriad, ongoing parks funding sources which somehow are constantly deflected to be spent on anything and everything but parks development and maintenance. And King County recognizes horseback riding as a healthful recreation that should be supported.
   Then why, at the junction of two of the most important trails in King County, one going north-south and the other east-west, is there not being planned a bridge across the Sammamish River to permit full trail usage for all users, including equestrians?
   Trail users in all categories should leave all Metro King County Council members a message on the Hotline (296-1688) to include funding for a bridge across the Sammamish River at the junction of the Tolt Pipeline Trail in the next annual budget.

Maxine Keesling, Woodinville