Pipeline won't ensure well-being of all Washington families

petroleum pipeline I would like to comment on the "State Labor Union endorses Cross Cascade petroleum pipeline" article.
   Olympic Pipeline has agreed only to hire union labor which would employ approximately 1,000 people for approximately a year to construct the proposed pipeline. Bob Dilger states that this kind of partnership would ensure environmental integrity as well as the economic well being of Washington families.
   Mr. Dilger fails to address ... the well-being of the property owners affected by having the pipeline cross their property.
   We are being asked to sign an easement or face condemnation of our property if this project is approved. We are being asked to risk our water supply, property values, and the environmental degradation of our property. We are being offered a minimum amount of compensation for all of this risk.
   Olympic has had many leaks in their underground pipelines. Over the last 10 years, they have spilled more than 276,000 gallons of polluting fuel. As recently as March 24, 1996, a leak was spotted near Kalama, WA in Spencer Creek. This leak was not detected by Olympic with their detection equipment and computer systems, but it was detected by someone who spotted a sheen of oil floating on top of the creek. The total amount of oil spilled has not been determined yet ,but is estimated to be 6,000 gallons plus.
   I feel Olympic is concerned only for the cheapest and easiest route they can find to run their pipeline to Eastern Washington.
   If Bob Dilger thinks this is good for the well-being of Washington families, let's put the pipeline in his backyard and then we'll all be happy.

Concerned in Carnation, Terri Corp