C.D. McGarr, inventor and author

C.D. McGarr

C.D. McGarr signing books at Mitchell's Pharmacy.

inventor & author C.D. McGarr of Lake Stevens has invented a High Mileage Fuel System that, according to McGarr, can "double automotive fuel mileage in a gas engine car by recycling gas while you drive."
   The plans for the invention are in his book, Solving Detroit's Dilemma. To get the word out, he sent a copy of the book to President Clinton and is selling it throughout the area in bookstores and at the offices of the Woodinville Weekly.
   McGarr has invented other items as well. His "Slug and Snail Defense, a Safe and Effective Alternative to Slug Bait," is available at garden stores. He also has a new baster for cooking.