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Downtown property owners ask deletion of proposed road

proposed road Following a public hearing two weeks ago, the Knolls, the Spadys, and Charlie Puzzo reached an agreement with retail center developer TRF Pacific and asked the council on Apr. 1 to delete 135/136th Avenue NE from the road grid.

Council knee-deep in comprehensive planning

comprehensive planning The economic development, parks and recreation, community design, and land use elements of the city's Comprehensive Plan were debated by the Woodinville City Council last week.

Firefighters rescue 5-year-old at top of 45-foot cedar

treetop rescue It wasn't that Sam Blacketer was stuck in the tree; he offered to climb down. But when his babysitter saw the 5-year-old at the very top of a 45-foot cedar tree, the area normally reserved for small birds, she called the fire department.

Bothell establishes 'Gold Coin Committee'

Gold Coin Committee The Bothell City Council has approved Mayor John Curtin's formation of a Gold Coin Committee to explore ways for Boy Scout Matthew Wolff "to someday gain possession of" the four gold coins he found in the vacant city lot Feb. 24.