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Council knee-deep in comprehensive planning

comprehensive planning by Jeff Switzer
The economic development, parks and recreation, community design, and land use elements of the city's Comprehensive Plan were debated by the Woodinville City Council last week.
   The Planning Commission's recommended Comp Plan suggests the city take the middle ground between active and passive involvement in economic development, providing for roads, sidewalks, and other infrastructures, while streamlining the permitting process for development and redevelopment. This element also expands on tourism promotion. The city would take a positive role in retaining businesses and attracting new businesses through an Economic Development Commission.
   The Parks and Recreation element of the plan would establish a Parks and Recreation Commission.
   The Community Design element is built into the plan in order to protect the image and character of Woodinville's neighborhoods, the quality of the buildings and streets and the community's historic sites. Some specific goals include "encouraging the preservation of valley vistas," "developing identifiable gateways," and "providing for a pedestrian-friendly downtown."
   The Comp Plan takes the hardest look at land use, as it is this element that drives the plan and directs mandated growth to certain areas of the city while maintaining the integrity of existing neighborhoods.
   The council is considering three upzones: the Belizzi property near AM-PM on 156th NE (possible moderate density); the King County property on the North Bypass, previously considered as a jail site and a transfer station (possible moderate/medium density); and about 24 acres south of Woodinville-Duvall Road (proposed moderate density). The Sirkin property northeast of 140th Avenue NE may be upzoned to half-multifamily, half-office, with retail frontage on 140th. The future LeisureCare (Brittany Park) site on the South Bypass will probably go to R-48.
   Transportation will be addressed at a meeting Apr. 11, 7 p.m. at the Woodinville Fire Station at 19900 144th Ave NE.