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Recycled cut grass is rewarding

recycled cut grass Cut grass is a major part of the waste we create, but it's one of the best fertilizers in the world, and it's being routinely thrown away. The solid waste divisions of Seattle and King County are asking that, instead of bagging it, you leave it lay on the lawn to recycle.
   The concept is called "grasscycling" and it's rewarding in time, money, and resources. Also, grasscycling is good for your lawn. Grasscycling mowers are designed to blow the cut grass into the turf, where it is not visible, and it provides a layer of natural fertilizer.
   Grasscycling, or mulch mowing, is sometimes thought to cause thatch. But lawn care experts contradict the myth.
   For the next three months, as a part of an innovative program called "Waste Free Fridays," consumers will save money, too: $60 off Toro mulch mowers when purchased at any one of 25 Toro dealers throughout the region. The Woodinville-area participating Toro location is McLendon Hardware at 17705 130th NE, Woodinville, (206) 485-1363.