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Woodinville Water District plans new downtown sewer line

new sewer line by Jeff Switzer
Rather than tear up the majority of NE 175th Street in downtown Woodinville, the Woodinville Water district is proposing a sewer pipeline route they hope will minimize the disruption to traffic in the area.
   The water district has proposed construction of a new 3,000-foot gravity sewer pipeline to divert sanitary sewage flows currently entering the existing over-capacity line running under NE 175th Street.
   The proposed line would begin at NE 178th Street and 143rd Avenue NE and would run along the south side of the Woodinville Park and Ride, across 140th Avenue NE, through the proposed TRF-Pacific retail development, and directly into the Metro Interceptor trunk at NE 177th Street.
   Before settling on the proposed route, the water district examined five other alternatives, two of which involved tearing up NE 175th Street to widen the existing line. The Woodinville Water District issued a determination of non-significance on Apr. 1 for their proposed sewer pipeline. Appeals of the DNS must be received by Apr. 15.
   The Water District has applied for a permit to cross the Burlington-Northern Railroad, and they are planning to submit applications to the Washington State Department of Transportation for construction through the Park and Ride, and to the City of Woodinville for the street crossings.
   Cost of the project is approximately $350,000. Construction is expected to begin by the end of July and will take 90 days to complete.
   The new line will transport 3.6 million gallons per day, eliminating the deficiencies in the existing over-capacity line, which has a capacity of 4.3 million gallons per day at its end connection.