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police beat by Richard Matros
A Woodinville resident reported that on Mar. 3, near the 18100 block of 196th Street, he heard a vehicle in his driveway. He went outside, saw a small, light-colored pickup truck speeding away and found his trees and yard had been toilet-papered. A short time later, when the suspects came back to pick up some unused paper they had left behind, the resident noted the vehicle's license number and phoned police. Police contacted the registered owner's address and talked to the suspect's mother, who then called a friend's house and talked with the friend's mother. After a few minutes, the suspect called back and "fessed-up" to the officer. The suspect agreed to bring back all who were involved with the crime and clean up the mess.

   On Mar. 19, a rock was used to break into cash boxes at a Woodinville car wash. Police responded to an alarm call and arrived in 4-5 minutes, finding two cash boxes damaged, with one of the safe doors on the ground. A K-9 check was negative. The safe door was taken into evidence for latent prints.

   On Apr. 3, police arrested an Issaquah man after he was seen in the St. Edwards Park women's locker room using a mirror to obtain a view underneath the bathroom stalls. A woman in the pool locker room saw a blue and pink hand-held mirror moving about close to the floor in the stall next to her. She became suspicious and asked for some toilet paper to see what the person's voice sounded like. A lifeguard was notified, and the park ranger was quickly summoned.
   Park employees had become suspicious the previous night when a man was observed getting into his vehicle while taking off a bra. The man was questioned by the ranger and put up a struggle when it became apparent he was about to be arrested. The man allegedly swung a bag at the park ranger and hit him with his fist in the shoulder.
   The bag contained video equipment with a makeshift remote activation switch. A video tape of young girls dressed in white shorts and black skirts at an unknown school and a second tape containing footage from a department store/women's clothing rack and young girls swimming at a pool was confiscated.