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County Council by Louise Miller, District 3
This week I've been involved in several meetings on region-wide water supply issues. This continues to be a vexing problem for our state. The problem has been lack of focused leadership on how to move to a solution mode rather than continuing to study the problem.
   Washington State is somewhat unique because of the difference between the east and west side of the state and the multiple uses for our water resources. Washington has major hydro power plants, irrigated agriculture, in-stream flows for fish and habitat, and finally, domestic water for homes and businesses.
   Metro/King County government has some major regional responsibilities for water, which does not include being a wholesale supplier of drinking water. We are responsible for surface water, which includes flooding and stream problems, review of all water comprehensive plans and franchises, and water quality through the construction and conveyance systems for sewage treatment.
   The future of the cleaned-up water from these treatment plants could be the re-use of the resource for irrigation, boat transport, or other uses where the re-used water could replace potable water.
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