Help your child read

learn to read by Frances Wardle, Ph. D, Directory Educator for Children's World
To foster an environment that promotes a child's desire to read:
   1. Remember, the activity of spending time reading to your child is more important than what is read.
   2. Try to develop a regular time every day when you read together. Each family should select the time that matches their schedule. Reading before bedtime is good for getting the child ready for bed.
   3. Eliminate distractions (TV, radio, phone, etc.) when you read with your child.
   4. Find a comfortable place to read: a couch, easy chair, bed, or bean bag chair.
   5. Help your child select the book he/she wants to read.
   6. Provide your children with a variety of books that interest them.
   7. Use the book you are reading to branch out into all sorts of conversation with your child
   8. Children too young to speak love to be read to; older children who know how to read by themselves also love to be read to. Let younger children participate in the reading by turning pages, saying words, lifting flaps, and asking questions.
   9. Take books with you to read at places where you may have to wait, like doctors' offices, car repair places, or while riding in the car (if another adult is driving).
   10. Keep books handy and stored in a way that the child can easily find the book he/she wants to read.