City government has done commendable job managing growth

managing growth I am convinced many of the residential families of the city of Woodinville, the same as our family, relocated to Woodinville due to the attractiveness of a smaller town concept. With the continued expanding number of households, it has come as no surprise to learn of the new planned shopping area in downtown Woodinville.
   The proposed new shopping center located at the east end of NE 175th Street will join two existing major shopping centers on opposite corners. These additional stores will contribute to the needed convenience required in our growing community.
   In trying to comprehend this inescapable growth, I have looked to other Eastside cities including Redmond, Kirkland, and even Bellevue. I believe the Woodinville city government has done a commendable job of maintaining the integrity of the community, similar to the posture taken by Issaquah in managing their certain growth.
   Like other Eastside cities already mentioned, Woodinville commercial growth is unavoidable. Before long, NE175th, between 131st Street and 142nd NE, is likely to become a continuous strip of commerce. In the long term, the expansion will continue as community service needs demand. Fortunately, the families of the city of Woodinville have a well-timed opportunity to make certain the community remains a meaningful cornerstone in the NE 175th Street development.
   Currently the Northshore School District is offering 13.5 acres of prime land and facilities to the families of the city of Woodinville. This offer is being made to the city to accommodate much more than the need of a location to conduct city government, the most notable addition being the preservation for a community indoor and outdoor sports facilities. The eligible voters in the city of Woodinville have to understand the city has been offered only the first right of purchase.
   Each of us has the opportunity to conserve this section of real estate from obvious commercial development. The Woodinville community can very affordably preserve our civic center while helping to maintain our community appeal.
   On May 21, Woodinville voters can maintain the west end of the main street by approving the civic center bond issue. The funds would be used to purchase the 10.5 acre Woodinville school site, plus an additional three acres south of the site. The resulting cost for the owner of a home assessed at $150,000 would be an affordable $7.75 a month. It is very difficult to imagine our town not anchored by our current community center at the west end. It is harder to imagine this area replaced by additional commercial properties.
   Finally, in the event the bond issue fails, the city of Woodinville will be charged in the future with establishing a government center and recreational facilities. We can all be certain this would be dealt with at a much higher burden to Woodinville's households. I hope you agree with me and will actively support the May 21st civic center bond issue.

Bruce Allen, Woodinville