Mixing bicycles and pedestrian traffic a bad idea

bicycles & pedestrians The applicant for the 42-acre town center commercial development proposed for the middle of Woodinville's business district is asking that the city council agree to eliminate bicycle paths on roads within the development and designate the sidewalks as the facilities for pedestrians and bicycles.
   Certain city council members are inclined to make this accommodation for the applicant. Fifteen years ago, Woodinville determined that mixing bicycles and pedestrians on sidewalks was a bad (unsafe) idea. Today, with much increased bicycle and pedestrian traffic, it's a worse idea.
   This issue has arisen because the applicant won't reduce the sizes of the buildings, and takes the position that it's either separate bicycle paths or landscaping in the development--the city must "give" on one or the other.
   If you have any opinion on this issue, call Woodinville City Hall at 489-2700. Time is of the essence; the decision will be made by the city council soon.

Rosemary Zeutschel, Woodinville