Personal agendas within fire district

personal agendas It seems that on a weekly basis I can read about our firefighters' good deeds in the pages of this paper and I hope this will continue. Children I know often speak of their tour of a fire station or that the firefighters came to their school to give a presentation. Also, many of my neighbors have received CPR training through the department and speak highly of their instructors.
   Obviously the Fire Chief and his administration must be doing something right to have assembled such a great group of firefighters that continue to make the department shine. While we may pay more taxes to our fire department than some communities, I'm sure it's less than others. I sincerely feel that the $1.50 per thousand (of assessed valuation) we do pay is truly a bargain for the services we receive.
   Recent changes in the makeup of the Board of Fire Commissioners have resulted in what appears to be a significant change in the direction our Fire Department is heading, and I feel it is important that those making these decisions are held publicly accountable for their actions.
   It appears that instead of representing our best interests, some members of the board are pursuing personal agendas with unknown intentions. I certainly hope that this behavior doesn't reduce the level of service our community receives.
   I hope this letter will encourage more of the residents of Woodinville Fire and Life Safety District to attend the Board of Fire Commissioners meetings on the first and third Monday of each month. The meetings are held at the headquarters fire station and begin at 6:00 p.m.

Darrell Anderson, Woodinville