Fiscally prudent judgment by elected official

prudent judgment After attending the Fire Commissioners meeting on Monday, Apr. 1, I would like to express my thanks to commissioner David Callon. During the meeting, it was apparent to me that Mr. Callon is following up on promises he made to the citizens during his campaign. It is refreshing to see an elected official display fiscally prudent judgment.
   A remodel project on the 10-year-old fire station by Safeway on Avondale Rd. was presented at an over-budget cost of $630,000. This remodel included items that, in my opinion, were a waste of taxpayers' monies: Does each fire fighter on duty need their own commode? Expanding a 36-sq-ft. storage room to 700 sq. ft. is ludicrous; etc., etc.
   Mr. Callon made a proposal to provide needed improvements at about one-third the cost.
   Thank you for looking out for our interests, Dave.

Bill Stern, Kirkland