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Junior High ASB presidents to break ground at sixth school

sixth junior high by Woodinville Weekly staff
Northshore School District's junior high ASB presidents will break ground at the site of the newest junior high school at noon on Apr. 24, launching the construction phase of "Junior High #6." Located north of Woodinville-Duvall Road at the end of 215th Avenue NE, the school will be the easternmost school in the district.
   Current proposals show a campus-style plan with three buildings and a central courtyard, housing up to 900 students. At 105,000 square feet, it will be approximately the same size as Skyview Junior High, which opened in Bothell in 1992.
   Northwest Architectural Co., the same group that designed Skyview Junior High school, will be designing the school; however, the new school is expected to be quite different in design. According to the district, there will be 34 classrooms arranged in a "pod" style with eight to 10 classrooms situated around a central learning space, "supporting an interdisciplinary approach to education allowing teachers to share the same group of students and coordinate their instructional programs across subjects." The "pod" arrangement has been likened to that of Woodmoor Elementary.
   Community advisory committees will work throughout the fall to determine school boundaries and the name of the new school. The boundary decision-making process will be coordinated by an outside facilitator. The school's principal will be named in May.