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Field of Dreams soon 'Field of Reality'

Field of Dreams by Jeff Switzer
The Field of Dreams project, located at the corner of Woodinville-Duvall Rd. and 171st Avenue NE, is a project that soccer people, baseball people, and the whole community is excited about, and because of its support, will likely be a part of the open space bond issue anticipated this fall.
   "Based on its long-time community support and interest, it looks like a good project right now," said Craig Larsen, King County Parks and Cultural Resources director. "We have two to three times more projects as we can fund. We have a whole universe of ideas to look at."
   Larsen said the final list of projects will be completed around the end of May, a list he hopes will have good geographic distribution so the effects of the bond issue will be seen and felt by as many as possible.
   The King County Council may be setting the parameters for the bond issue, including the ratio of active to passive recreation, and what amount should be sent to the voters. The tentative amount is $215 million, with local unincorporated King County looking to receive anywhere from $28 million to $36 million for active and open space.
   The Field of Dreams Committee is looking for someone to donate an appraisal of the proposed site for the Field of Dreams. Those interested in the project can call 788-9103.