Salmon fry released into creek

fry released

Volunteer Ellen Kinnamon helps during the salmon fry release.
Photo courtesy of Maggie Windus.

salmon released More than 100 fourth graders from Wilder Elementary School released some 1200 salmon fry into Cottage Lake Creek Apr. 9.
   The school has been raising fry for five years, but this is the first year their "Salmon in the Classroom" project has operated under the Adopt-A-Watershed program with the $3,900 grant from King County Surface Water Management.
   The salmon project began in November with a trip to the Issaquah Hatchery where the students received the eggs which were later combined with milt (fish sperm). The fertilized eggs were then planted in an aquarium, where the students have fed them and maintained the water quality.
   The fry will spend the next year in the creek and then two years in the ocean. The Wilder students expect a return of the salmon in three years.