Schools present Humanitarian Awards

award winners

Eric Fergen and Jessica Yaholkovsky (left-right), sixth graders at Cottage Lake, await their turns to receive C.P. Johnson medals.
Photo by Karen Diefendorf/Woodinville Weekly.

C.P. Johnson Humanitarian Awards The annual C.P. Johnson Humanitarian Awards were presented at a program Apr. 9. at W.A. Anderson. Each school in the Northshore District elected two students who best exemplified humanitarianism.
   Guests at the program included Dorothy Johnson, widow of C.P. Johnson, and Freddie Braxton Parker, niece of C.P. Johnson.
   Senator Rosemary McAuliffe, Del Jackson (adopted son of C.P. Johnson), and Dr. Karen Forys, Supertendent of Northshore Schools, spoke at the ceremonies.
   School Board members Jeff Schaub, Sue Paro, B.Z. Davis, and Kirby Larson introduced the winners from their districts. Jean Fowler was unable to attend because of a family emergency.
   Winners of the 1996 C.P. Johnson Humanitarian Awards:
   Canyon Creek
   Laura East, the daughter of Patarik and Julie East: Laura is helpful and caring. She shares, helps people with work, and stands up for what is right.
   Brian Fouhy, son of Kristi and Donald Weaver and Mr. and Mrs. Craig Fouhy: Brian expresses understanding and empathy for the needs of others. His thoughtful ways and willingness to reach out are a wonderful role model for others.

Crystal Springs
   Kyle Pedersen, son of Jim and Wendy Pedersen: Kyle's enthusiasm and compassion set him apart as a rare and appreciated humanitarian.
   Melissa Palacol, daughter of Juan and Victoria Palacol: Melissa shows respect for all her peers and their ideas. Melissa has the potential to be a leader and respects authority.

   Vince Chisholm, son of Colin and Becky Chisholm: Vince is very active in producing Fernwood's TV Program, Panther Productions.
   Emily Ogura, daughter of Julie Ogura: Emily went out of her way to help a new student that did not speak English and stuck with it on her own through the school year.

Kokanee Elementary
   Sara Holzknecht, daughter of Denis and Katherine Holzknecht: Sara shows compassion and concern for other students. She has a sweet sense of humor and a very mature attitude.
   Quoc-Nam Cao, son of Thai-Hai Cao and Thi-Hue Tran: Nam moves between groups and interacts on a positive level with everyone, always making sure he doesn't put people down.

Skyview Junior High
   Matthew Jacobsen, son of Michael Jacobsen and Vicki Lake: Matthew is mature, thoughtful of everyone, and self-assured.
   Kristin Pleasant, daughter of Rod and Denise Pleasant: Kristin is a caring and thoughtful student. She has worked with special-needs students.

   Patrick Noland, son of Randy and Sally Noland: Patrick is polite and respectful to everyone. As ASB President, he has organized a canned food drive and a collection for Children's Hospital.
   Jeannie Tram, daughter of Tuong Tram and Tuyet Trang: Jeannie is consistently kind to everyone and always there to lend a helping hand. She is a quiet friend to all.

Frank Love
   Rachel Cleary, daughter of Graham and Kim Cleary: As leader of the patrols, Rachel always practices and follows the school rules and is kind and helpful to all students in times of need.
   Marie Doyle, daughter of Dennis and Janice Doyle: Marie has a gift for considering people's feelings. She has a positive attitude and always sees the best in others.

   Amy Bassett, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Bassett: Amy is very accepting of all those she comes in contact with. She is patient and doesn't judge people.
   Andrea Winters, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Winters: Andrea has a positive influence on those around her. She is respectful of her peers.
   Christine Peterson, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Peterson: Christine never leaves anyone out. She treats others with dignity and respect, accepts differences, and understands people.

   Lacey Stanton, daughter of Kenneth and Gwen Stanton: Lacey approaches each situation with a positive attitude. She is not afraid to take a stand for what she believes is right.
   Courtney Roland, daughter of Dennis and Candice Roland: Courtney is thoughtful and kind, as well as sensitive to the feelings of others around her.

Shelton View
   Gennie Baker, daughter of Tom and Cathy Baker: Gennie is compassionate and helps both teachers and students with a ready and willing attitude.
   Annen Martin, daughter of Pete and Peggy Martin: Annen is head of the stage crew where she comes in early and stays late to help set up and take down equipment. She does whatever it takes to get the job done.

   Megan Payne, daughter of Jeffrey and JoAnn Payne: Megan consistently demonstrates kindness and compassion for all school peers.
   Danyela Newton, daughter of Benjamin and Micki Newton: Danyela is sensitive to the feelings of others and is a kind, helpful, hard-working student.

Kenmore Junior High
   Julie Mushta, daughter of Jim and Rosalie Mushta: Julie is compassionate, emphathetic, and kind to everyone, yet maintains her values.
   Mathew Brown, son of Donald and Colleen Brown: Mathew is a role model who consistently ignores the popularity contests and pecking orders. He springs into action whenever he sees someone needing a helping hand.

Maywood Hills
   James Anthony Powell, son of Teresa Lewis: Anthony sees good in others and verbalizes that. He has a joy for life, and a great sense of humor.
   Devon Pakko, daughter of Dick and Janet Pakko: Devon is very caring, sensitive, and helps others.

   Ben Lawrence, son of Tad and Lynn Lawrence: This year Ben arranged for Wellington to take part in a successful "Coats for Kids" project.
   Amy Bergstrom, daughter of John and Kathy Bergstrom: Amy is quiet, patient, and considerate; never drawing attention to herself, yet always willing to help.

   Jeff Ost, son of Michael and Denene Ost: Jeff is always considerate and reliable and positive with classmates He assists with needy students.
   Destri Keo, daughter of Regan and Diana Keo: Destri tries to solve conflicts, work cooperatively with others, and treats everyone with unconditional acceptance.

Canyon Park Jr. High
   Angela Delarose, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Rick Delarose: Angela works with Northwest Harvest and has helped put together a food drive to benefit homeless teens.
   Kyle Lange, son of Mr. and Mrs. Dugan Lange: Kyle helps individuals when they need help and hopes to become a Christian missionary.

Leota Junior High
   Peter Turner, son of Pete and Marj Turner: Peter is compassionate with a sense of humor. He treats his peers and adults with respect.
   Jeanne Allen, daughter of Richard and Carol Allen: Jeanne takes care of others first and her smiles cross all groups.

Bothell High School
   Alan Ponio, son of Reynaldo and Luz Ponio: Alan is a student leader who is a true impact player in BAD (Bothell Against Discrimination), as well as serving on the District's Equity Committee.
   Gautam Venkatesan, son of Dr. Prasanna and Gita Venkatesan: Gautam is a three-year member of BAD ( Bothell Against Discrimination) and was elected ASB President for 1995-96.
   Paola Severich, daughter of Edgar and Margoth Torrico: Paola is a quiet leader who simply leads by example and whose commitment of time and energy matches her commitment to the issues.

W.A. Anderson
   Heather Lynn Lounsbury, daughter of Richard and Terry Lounsbury: Heather was selected because of her kindness to others and her helpfulness.

Woodinville High
   Brigham S. Tomco, son of Robert and Dot Tomco: Brigham never puts anyone down and is a good example to others, who describe him as an all-around good guy.
   Mathew K. Pabst, son of Kenneth and Robin Pabst: Mathew is a team leader who is respectful and has a kind word for everyone. He has a positive attitude and is interested in the community and the school.

   Tammy Ng, daughter of Andrew and Michelle Ng: Tammy thinks more about other people than about herself. She is always willing to help wherever needed.
   Kale Eckland, son of Daryl and Stacie Eckland: Kale is consistently kind and respectful to peers and adults. He demonstrates empathy for someone who might be left out and is a good sportsman.

   D.J. Morgan, son of David and Diane Morgan: D.J. is quick to notice other people's needs and is creative and aggressive about helping others solve problems.
   Kelsey Richardson, daughter of David and Jodi Richardson: Kelsey is a conflict manager, helps in the kitchen, and is always kind and considerate to classmates and adults.

Northshore Junior High
   Bianca Taylor, daughter of Bruce and Terry Taylor: Bianca is responsible, hard working, and accepting of others.
   Jalina Barber, daughter of Casey and Heidi Barber: Jalina is cooperative, conscientious, and helpful to all.

Inglemoor High
   Kumar Narayanan, son of Sampath and Lakshmi Narayanan: Kumar served as ASB president, has a listening ear for any student, and is friendly to all.
   Rita Siemion, daughter of Barbara Siemion: Rita is an active leader who she treats all with respect and encourages them to get involved. She has a smile for everyone and treats all with the dignity they deserve.

Bear Creek
   Jared Blatterman, son of Randall and Joyce Blatterman: Jared is kind, cooperative, and optimistic. He is in charge of the 6th grade salmon tank and was the lead in the class play, "Tom Sawyer."
   Lorri Defoor, daughter of Dan and Lyda DeFoor: Lorri is a kind and caring person, always willing to give her time and talents to help others. Lorri looks for what is on the inside of people, not out.

Cottage Lake
   Jessica Yaholkovsky, daughter of John and Jenny Yaholkovsky: Jessica is a very hard worker who is honest and considerate of others and makes the most out of every opportunity.
   Eric Fergen, son of Paul and Christine Fergen: Eric has a very positive influence on his class and the whole school. He is well-liked for good reason: he treats everyone with respect.

East Ridge
   Carrie Garrett, daughter of Randy and Sonya Garrett: Carrie is very caring, nurturing, and conscientious. Many times she remains in the background, helping and allowing others to take the spotlight.
   Mika Wallenius, son of Jarmo and Paula Wallenius: In his gentle, caring way, Mika shows how he truly values and respects all people.

Hollywood Hill
   Leslie Rossman, daughter of Allen and Debbie Rossman: Leslie exercises consistent kindness and respect towards others and is aware of their feelings.
   Shannon East, daughter of Tom and Barbara East: Shannon is kind, compassionate, and displays leadership towards students and staff.

   Danielle Perry, daughter of Ron and Dee Perry: Danielle is wonderfully positive and constantly shows kindness and caring to everyone.
   Brian Linder, son of Rick and Cheryl Linder: Brian is very helpful in bringing students together to form friendships. He is a great team player and helps bring out the best in everyone.