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Guest Columns

The face of a young child

National Week of the Young Child by Joan Sharp, Executive Director, Children's Services of Sno-Valley
April 21-27 is the National Week of the Young Child, a national effort to highlight the issues related to young children and their families.

Young women learn from real examples

Take Our Daughters to Work Day by Senator Patty Murray
On April 25, thousands of girls will begin planning for the future as they go to work with parents and adult mentors to participate in "Take Our Daughters to Work Day 1996."

Letters to the Editor

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Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity may be more than residents can afford

unaffordable opportunity I wish to comment on a letter from Corkey Christensen (April 8) concerning the purchase of the 13-and-a-half acres by the City of Woodinville.

Bonds for a Woodinville Kingdome?

Woodinville Kingdome Those voters who believe that passing the $7.5 million bond issue next month will provide the citizens of Woodinville with a civic center are in for a surprise. Yes, $7.5 million will purchase the old Sorenson school, but that is just the beginning.

Constituency decides what is and isn't necessary

constituency decides It would appear from recent letters to the editor that at least some of the members of the Woodinville Fire District's Board of Commissioners need a few elementary lessons in public process.

Dedication to the community has not gone unnoticed

community dedication There are many thank yous that need to be extended to some individuals who helped Bothell welcome Easter and the beginning of spring.

Informed citizens made a difference

informed citizens The recent showing of many informed citizens ready to testify about problems in the county proposed Regulation Reform package speaks to the fact that there are many determined, caring citizens in King County.

Same old car, new coat of paint

Kenmore incorporation To the great citizens of Kenmore: "Let's talk." Do you realize that the current effort being made by the Kenmore residents for incorporation is the 6th (sixth) such effort in about 30 years?

Billboard exhibit offensive

offensive billboard Have you, like I, been extremely offended by the brazen ungodly advertisements of the California Tan Company? A billboard just east of the Woodinville Post Office has displayed what I feel is unthinkable to exhibit.

Congressional vote doesn't support family values

family values The U.S. Congress recently showed it cares little about the family values many of its members espouse.

Worker Memorial Day

Worker Memorial Day Workers and employers across the state will join the Department of Labor and Industries April 26 in setting aside a time to remember the more than 100 workers who died as a result of accidents on their jobs in 1995.

Grateful for programs and people

gratitude Like other humans, I get discouraged and blame others when things aren't going my way, but after attending the Community Night at Tolt Middle School on Apr. 1, I feel rejuvenated and have a real sense of gratitude.

Community pulled together in respose to tragedy

community thanked The Daniels family would like to thank everyone in the Duvall and Carnation area for the donations in response to our house fire on Friday Apr. 5.