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Grateful for programs and people

gratitude Like other humans, I get discouraged and blame others when things aren't going my way, but after attending the Community Night at Tolt Middle School on Apr. 1, I feel rejuvenated and have a real sense of gratitude for some Valley-based programs and people, a few of whom are:
   The Food Bank at the Multi-Service Center in Carnation with its faithful volunteers, B.J. and Chase Morris, Al and Rocky Rush, Denny Reese, and others too numerous to mention; our police chiefs Merryman and Otness, and their fellow officers, who spend countless hours beyond those for which they are paid, befriending and protecting our kids and community; and Larry Lydon and the fly fishing instructor DeWitt, from Fall City, who showed up to volunteer their help, just because they care about the quality of life in our community.
   Like most Community Nights, there were more presenters than participants, but some parents were there. What I heard at that meeting was that the Snoqualmie Valley needs our help.
   I hope if you're able to help, you will call the police or the mayors or the food bank, or whoever you feel can benefit from your service. Individually and collectively, we can make a difference. Most importantly, we can set an example for Valley kids.

Val Roney, Duvall