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Community pulled together in respose to tragedy

community thanked The Daniels family would like to thank everyone in the Duvall and Carnation area for the donations in response to our house fire on Friday Apr. 5. We appreciate all the kindness and concern that came with those donations.
   We would like to say a special thank you to the following: all of District 45 firefighters and their families; Mike and Patti McGahuey and their two children for sharing their home with us; Gary and Jamie Eggleston and their family for caring for our Dalmatian and our cat.
   Our family does not feel a great sense of loss because of this tragedy--we have gained a sense of how our community can pull together to help one of their own. Thank you all!

The Daniels Clan: Patrick, Tammi, Justin, Kristle, Sierra, Kelsey, and Spot and Jasper; Duvall